Sunday, August 2, 2009

The real estate company that cares

The Native Forest Council founder Timothy G. Hermach criticized the Nature Conservancy for its practice to sell land in Texas to its own trustees, who then allowed drilling for oil in the formerly protected areas. After the press exposed these and other actions, the Nature Conservancy established a risk evaluation committee and explored ways to mitigate the damage. Hermach still calls the conservancy “the real estate company that cares.”


BebeBebe said...

I am glad to have found this blog - I have recently been involved with another TNC scandal that has spanned the last 5 years in court. They destroyed a freshwater lake in South Jersey that they bought with taxpayer's money and claimed no responsibility for. I would be interested to talk to you about how TNC resells their properties. My email address is

Gapa said...

This is outrageous