Thursday, July 31, 2008

At the Mercy of Environmentalists

Recent mainstream news coverage on the possibility of offshore drilling has raised public awareness of how powerful extremist environmental groups like The Nature Conservancy really are. It is becoming increasingly clear that environmentalists are to blame for today's high food prices, the idiotic plan to produce fuel from grain and the stalled U.S. energy industry. These multi-billion dollar organizations hold a virtual stranglehold on our Congress.

Investors Business Daily covered this topic in detail, and it should send shivers down the spine of any clear-thinking American. There groups are as dangerous to our future as any threat on the horizon. While some have already given in (one writer said "you don't want to make enemies with The Nature Conservancy), others should take notice of the the veracity of the attacks against scientists, politicians and anyone else who expresses views contrary to The Nature Conservancy. This should be warning to us all.

One blogger writes "The massive damage these organizations have done is only a prelude to what they're planning as they use the global warming scare to ram dangerous new laws through Congress to allow this or prohibit that". Scary.