Sunday, April 13, 2008

Montana land deal gone bad

Today’s (4/13/08) Bozeman Daily Chronicle, a newspaper in Southwest Montana, brings up an old deal attempted by the Nature Conservancy in 1992. The Nature Conservancy was trying to negotiate a deal to buy 165,000 acres of land inside the Gallatin National Forest for logging and development. Ted Turner was supposed to finance the deal. Apparently news leaked to the public which caused the deal to fall apart.

The article raises more questions than it answers. What was so objectionable about The Nature Conservancy’s development and logging plans? Has the same development strategy been carried out in any of the many other properties owned by The Nature Conservancy around the world? What was the financial draw for investor Ted Turner?

Little news from the 1992 deal is available online. If any readers have any information on this, we would love to hear.

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