Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birth of The Nature Conservancy Scandal Blog

The phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing" could not be more appropriate. The Nature Conservancy is the richest environmental group in the world with over $3 billion in land and financial assets. The non-profit organization grew by pledging to save precious places but for years has been embroiled in one scandal after another that make most news reports of corporate or political corruption seem mild by comparison. The organization raked in hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars with strong-armed tactics at the expense of family farmers and municipal governments across the country. Yet many people, particularly young activists, are unaware of The Nature Conservancy's shady operations and continue to patronize The Nature Conservancy based on shiny press releases put out by the organization's expert public opinion marketing machine. There is simply not enough coverage of the damage this organization has done and continues to inflict in our country and across the globe.

This blog was born to expose the truth about a true public enemy.

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